rethink e-bike – sustainability without compromise

Master everyday life carefree, no matter whether you are travelling in the city or planning a longer route across the country – a rethink® e-bike is your faithful companion and, thanks to its powerful motor and long range, will take you through the urban jungle for miles on end, as well as over mountains or simply to kindergarten – easily and naturally. And with a good feeling.

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rethink® - your life, your bike Sounds like a huge promise? Definitely, but we'll prove it to you!

Sustainability for us is not only about choosing the most sustainable components and materials, all the while keeping the QC up to high standards, but applying these same standards to our manufacturing as well. Thus, we can guarantee long lasting satisfaction with our bikes.

  • We exclusively make use of high quality and low wear components, meaning that your rethink® bike will rarely see the shop.
  • As far as possible, we source our components in Europe. We value short logistics route and sustainable, high quality solutions.
  • We especially keep in mind social criteria when sourcing our components.
  • Assembly of our bikes is done in house, in the periphery of Dresden.


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