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We are of the opinion that a pedelec does not have to be noisy on a hill, even with full support, and that it shouldn’t feel like pushing the rider, but rather support the rider’s effort – whether low or high – according to how they pedal. In contrast to most pedelec drives, the concepts we use both have in common that they are gearless and therefore low-wear and almost noiseless. With precisely tuned controls, they offer the cyclist a natural riding experience. We do not shy away from comparisons with the best-known manufacturers.

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With the Binova flow®, you experience riding pleasure. The electrical mechanics of our internationally patented concept are virtually impossible to destroy without considerable force. Being a gearless mid-motor, Binova flow® is not only the quietest mid-motor on the market, it supports you as powerfully as a market leader, but at the same time in such a “natural” way that you only really notice how strong the support was when you switch it off. But even then, or above 25 km/h, there is no artificial resistance – you always stay in your natural flow. And best of all: with our 650 Wh battery, you’ll go further than most.
We recommend maintenance after every 10,000 km to give your flow® the longest life span possible. As this has always been a matter of course for cars, it also makes sense for an e-bike. Have you ever taken the motor of your car to the next car? One of our customers has already taken their Binova flow® over to their third bike. This system will soon have reached a milage of 50,000 km and is still whisper quiet.

Looking for info on our alternative? neodrives Z20.

Profiles that fit your requirements

Every Binova flow drive has profiles that you can set individually for the upcoming trip for city, country or mountain tours. We have special profiles for disabled people or can programme them for you on request. You can download our standard profiles from us, let your dealer handle it or simply load them onto the system yourself. This way you can adapt them to your individual requirements.

Drive Modes


The city profile lets even inexperienced cyclists master their daily routine in a relaxed manner. The intuitive controls give you confidence in traffic, because we have set the support from eco to high in the lower range. Only in power mode do you get full support for that one hill on your way/in front of your home that may have kept you from cycling in recent years.


Our tour profile covers most applications and ensures a long range with low support in eco mode (up to 200 km) and moderate support in normal mode (up to 100 km). However, when the trip gets a bit hillier, you get the full flow in power mode.


Do the hills call out to you? "Hill" let you conquer the mountains with a little more oomph than the other profiles will give you, already in "eco". The finely tuned power curve makes it so that you can decide whether there will still be charge left to ascent the last hill - your driveway.


If you're packing a lot, our cargo profile is what you need. We have been developing it since 2015 and are mainly concerned with torque at lower speeds and high efficiency. Softly turning the motor on and off at speeds above 25 km/h makes leading your pack donkey comfortable and secure.


Our special profile always provide optimal support for your recumbent or handbike. We already have a multitude of option at hand, but will work with you to make your bike fit you like a glove.


Unable to find a solution for your specific needs? Get in touch and we will most likely be able to develop somehting that is just up your alley.

Binova flow® –
upgrade available

Send us an image of your entire bike and one showing the bottom bracket area as well as the age and milage and we’ll evaluate whether the requirement for an upgrade are met.

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